“Was ist das Bauhaus” was shortlisted by the Stiftung Buchkunst as one of the most beautiful books of 2015. Some things seem strange in the angular building of the Bauhaus. Radiators hang like paintings on walls, large windows can be opened by the pull of a chain. Behind every construction and furniture piece hides a brilliant idea. The author Ingolf Kern brings children closer to the world-famous art, design and architecture school. The basic ideas of the Bauhaus become accessible to children and are enriched by the charming illustrations of Christine Rösch.

  • Bauhaus Dessau Foundation
  • Was ist das Bauhaus? . Kinder entdecken das Bauhaus Dessau
  • Seemann Verlag, 2014
  • 978-3-86502-351-3
  • 1216100296
  • Editor: Bauhaus Dessau foundation, Katja Klaus, Jutta Stein . Bounded, 56 pages, completely illustrated . author: Ingolf Kern
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