Behind the Mask: Artists in the GDR focuses on the wide variety of artistic self-staging in the GDR, positioned between public and private, prescribed collectivism and creative individuality. How did artists in the GDR perceive themselves and their own art, when their prescribed role was to represent the interests of the state? The exhibition brings together works of art that bear witness to this critical inward look in self and group portraits, in role and studio works.

Museum issue - sold on behalf and for the account of Museen der Hasso Plattner Foundation gGmbH, Museum Barberini, Friedrich-Ebert-Str. 115, 14467 Potsdam, VAT ID DE280321691

  • Ortrud Westheider, Michael Philipp (Hrsg.)
  • Behind the Mask . Artists in the GDR
  • Prestel, 2017
  • 1216100310
  • 280 pages, hardbound, english
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