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author: Various / Wim Wenders Music / titel: WIM'S - DRIVEN BY MUSIC / object: triple LP / vinyl only / limited edition of 5.000 copies. / material: vinyl / 3 x 12" //

text: This album with 37 tracks was a surprise gift for Wim Wenders' birthday in 2015. A limited-edition vinyl-only compilation featuring many of his musical companions and friends from over the years and from all over the world. / The record is composed of pieces that show the bond between the musicians and bands and Wim and his films, pieces that remind them of him, that were inspired by him, or dedicated to him. There are also unreleased, exclusive songs among them / Since a limited edition of this nature is not appropriate for mass distribution channels, the album will be available exclusively (though all around the world) from the Wenders shop at and on //

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