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  • HEYKOOP / Vasenkleid
  • HEYKOOP / Vasenkleid
  • HEYKOOP / Vasenkleid

author: Pepe Heykoop, Leiden (1984) / title: paper vase / object: vase cover / material: coated eco paper // 22 x 49,5cm / 120g // text: The Paper Vase is a skin to cover any empty bottle and to turn it into a vase. Adjustable in size by rolling up the paper the vase cover will fit any bottle. The triangular structure allows the paper to set around its bottle. The paper vase comes flatpacked in an envelope // but the paper vase is not only nice but a tiny miracle: Heykoop’s work focuses on the handmade and champions repurposed materials, applying low-tech processes in the studio. Notable projects to date include the Skin Collection (2011, ongoing), the paper vase and an ongoing collaboration with the Tiny Miracles Foundation, which began in 2012 and has seen Heykoop establish a workshop in a Mumbai slum. Together, Tiny Miracles and Heykoop teach cane work skills to local adults, to create traditional woven cane vessels for transporting water. Profits from the vessels and the international sales of the vases are used to send local children to school, with the overall goal of helping the community become economically self-supporting by the year 2020.


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