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author: Mapplethorpe, Robert / title: Ajito I / object: poster, digital print / 40 x 50 cm //

text: Mention the name Robert Mapplethorpe and people will automatically think of controversy and homo- erotic photography but the works of Mapplethorpe are much more than that / Mapplethorpe had numerous beautiful friends, both male and female that exemplified the human ideal so much so that they are being exhibited in Florence alongside the great works of Michelangelo / Mapplethorpe photographed people who looked like statues / He was also interested in statuary and took many beautiful black and white images of statues / His nude, Ajito, depicts a perfectly muscled black man on a pedestal, knees drawn up to his chest, his arms wrapped around his legs and his head down / He shines like polished obsidian, and despite his obvious physical strength, looks very vulnerable //


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