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  • LASZLO / Halskette
  • LASZLO / Halskette

author: Emma and Rob Orchardson / one we made earlier / titel: LASZLO / object: necklace / material: Bold necklace composed of 3 geometric shapes on black cord. Can be worn at neck length or as a pendant due to adjustable cord. //


text: Husband and wife team Emma and Rob Orchardson set up the studio in 2013 as a collaborative project. After meeting at art college in Scotland, they went on to study in London before pursuing individual paths in fine art and design / the couple works from their studio in south east London where pieces are cut and finished by hand. Their work emerges from playful experimentation, combining different forms, surfaces and textures to create striking geometric designs. The aim is to create accessories that you will love to wear, or simply hang on your wall as beautiful objects //


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