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  • Koki Tanaka - Edition

author: Koki Tanaka, Tochigi, Japan / title: "Untitled (drifting as usual) December 21 - 27, 2001/2015" / object: foto box with 24 color photographs / limited edtion of 100 copies / signed and numbered by the artist on certificate / material: photopaper Kodak Royal / book box, linen-clothed / 17,4 x 13,4 x 0cm //

text: artist’s note: it was very quiet when I visited New York for the first time in 2001 / it was Christmas, so most of the shops were closed / I wandered around the city and its museums, and finally got to see many works of Abstract Expressionism and Minimal Art in person / until then I had only known them from books / the area where the twin towers of the World Trade Center once stood was a covered construction site, and one couldn’t see anything inside of it / buildings next to the site were also covered with large tarps / at a park nearby there were many flowers and messages for those who lost their lives / the sky was empty / I remember someone started singing a Christmas carol while I was on the subway, and other passengers joined in the singing / I thought that people in the city would be indifferent towards one another, but they were not / somehow there was something there that we could all share / February 2015 // FOR MORE INFO ON KOKI TANAKA SEE DEUTSCHE BANK KUNSTHALLE


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