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  • BASIM MAGDY / edition
  • BASIM MAGDY / Edition
  • BASIM MAGDY / Edition
  • BASIM MAGDY / Edition

author: Basim Magdy / titel: The Romantic Transformation of Loneliness into a Trade, 2016 / object: transparency light box / 29x45x4cm //

text: Basim Magdy’s edition consists of a light box and six photographs on Duraclear transparent film. Each picture has a dominant color. The owner chooses which image to show depending on the occasion. The combination of two or more transparencies creates different “exposures.” Thus, each presentation of the edition is the result of an open cooperative process between collector and artist. Light box and 6 interchangeable Duraclear transparencies. 452 x 287 x 38 mm. Limited edition of 50 copies plus 10 AP. Numbered and signed on sticker card.


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