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author: Martin Eder (1968, Augsburg) / title: HALF SKULL // object: CD-Album in cardboard box with artwork on cover // material: including 12 prints of various materials like oil, salt or blood // designed and printed by Zwölf, Berlin / limited edition of 1.000 copies / signed by the artist //

text: the Berlin based artist Martin Eder is one of the most important exponants of the contemporary painting in Germany. At the same time, under the alias Richard Ruin, he is the founder and leader of the experimental black-metal-brand project RUIN. Space cats, pictures of lascivious girls on the one hand and the dark atmosphere of black-metal music on the other, both sides root deeply in the alchemical ground of pop culture. HALF SKULL - played by RUIN and the Solistenensemble Kaleidoskop - is the best sample for such a alchemical process - composed in 12 pieces. To underline the synaesthetic experience the CD comes together with a unique printing project. 12 materials like ash, oil, blood, salt, metal, aspirin are printed on 12 single pages which are included in the cardboard box of the CD. All materials, layer by layer, are printed on top of the cover. A black square of thick, tarry material. A consistency, which resembles the quality of sound, noise, rhythm and melody on the CD. The project has been designed and printed by the Berlin based office for graphic design ZWÖLF.


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