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author: Kuspit, Donald / title: A conversation with Louise Bourgeois / object: book, 117 pages / German Language / Published 2011 / 21 x 40 x 1 cm / 235g //

text: How to become a (very) old? / Louise Bourgeois (1911-2010), the Franco- American sculptor, has always claimed that the recipe is to make art and reclaim her own past with, if necessary, drastic means / Herself has become 98 years old and exemplarily exemplified it / in this interview with Donald Kuspit, the (world famous) American art critic, describes Bourgeois - from her biography, starting - clearly and precisely how she had succeeded / she talks about her experienced as ambivalent youth in France, the deeply felt loneliness, the struggle for recognition in the early years in the United States and how the success with the time finally has stopped / her interlocutor, known for years with the artist, thanks to psychoanalytic training and great sensitivity of the appropriate pilot was on this - the end of the 1980s carried out - call transition with her /
The Piet Meyer Publisher presents this understanding the artist central interview, provided with numerous illustrations, for the first time in a complete version in German in book form


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