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author: Regine Basha, Lauren Cornell, Britta Färber, Friedhelm Hütte, Omar Kholeif / titel: Basim Magdy: Would a Firefly Fear the Fire that Burns in Its Heart? Artist of the Year 2016 / publisher: Hatje Cantz Verlag / 2016: Berlin / Hardcover / german/english //

Catalogue for the exhibition 'The Stars Were Aligned for a Century of New Beginnings' Deutsche Bank KunstHalle, Berlin 29.4.– 3.7.2016 / Basim Magdy (*1977 in Assiut, Egypt) is the Deutsche Bank’s 2016 “Artist of the Year” / Magdy’s films, photographs, and drawings focus on structures of seeing, remembering, and archiving / His works often call to mind surreal narratives full of abysmal humor / the artist uses his psychedelically colored pictures and montages to scrutinize collective utopias and express doubt about dogmas and ideologies / at the same time, he appeals to the viewer’s power of imagination and causes alternative realities and designs for society to shine out //


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