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author: StoryTiles, Marga van Oers, Holland / StoryTiles / titel: Krachtpatsertje / object: tile / material: printed ceramics, with nifty hanging system // mini: 6x6cm / S: 10x10cm / M: 13x13cm / L: 20x20cm //

text: this serie is a collaboration between StoryTiles and the Rijksmuseum in the Netherlands / for this collection, Marga van Oers focused on finding known and unknown animals in the Rijksmuseum and united them with Old Dutch stories / this resulted in a social and sometimes even flirtatious encounter between two different art fragments from the Golden Age / the tiles of StoryTiles are of high quality, each tile is traditionally baked at 830 °C and made in Holland / the miniature stories on StoryTiles are all designed by Marga van Oers / the pieces of art are heat and water resistant, and the unique designs will last a lifetime //

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