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  • EDITION BAUHAUS 51 / Handwerk wird modern

author: Gerda Breuer, T’ai Smith, Éva Forgács, John Maciuika, Rafael Cardoso, Julia Bryan­ Wilson, Formafantasma, Sara Ouhaddou, Granby Workshop, Dirk Vander Kooij, Álvaro Catalán de Ocón u. a. / titel: Handwerk wird modern. Vom Herstellen am Bauhaus / publisher: Kerber Verlag, April 2017 / hardcover with clothbound, bound / german / 252 Pages, 115 colored and 27 b/w illustrations / 21x30cm // Isbn: 978­3­7356­0342­5 //

text: A bilingual reader (available in either German or English) with historic texts, photo galleries and interviews with contemporary designers worldwide provides an in-depth analysis of the conflicting priorities of craft and design.


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