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author: Markus Amm, Stuttgart / title: Tape, 2010 / object: Deutsche Guggenheim Edition Nr. 53.1 - limited edition: 25 copies / material: screen print in two color variants / 49 x 42,5 x 0cm / 778g // text: in his edition "Tape" which Markus Amm developed especially for the "Color Fields" exhibition, the color fields do not result from a painterly, "creative" act, as it were, but apparently from the traces of applied and then partially torn-off tape as it is more likely used to pack up pictures / the utilization of cheap materials such as tape or ballpoint pens is just as typical of Markus Amm´s work as the imperfect processual character of "Tape" / paradoxically, precisely this draws "Tape" astoundingly close to the efforts of color field artists such as Gene Davis or Frank Stella to achieve a corporeal color art / edited by Deutsche Guggenheim, Berlin //


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