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author: Christian Awe / titel: Adanzé F/G 3/4 / object: edtition - pigment print of a detail of the mural in Berlin Schoeneberg / edition: 10 motifs per 5 copies / material: pigment printing, painted with acrylic paint by the artist individually / framed / 32x24cm //

text: Christian Awe's Edition Adanzé is based on the artist’s most recent and widely acclaimed mural in Berlin / >Adanzé< means in several West African languages >a warm welcome< / in times of religious and political turmoil in the world, it is the artist’s concern to send from the culture a sign of openness to the world, freedom and humanity / Christian Awe is committed to several charitable projects, i.a. he supports the construction of a hydroelectric project and a school in Kassan, in northwestern Burkina Faso / 100% of the sales proceeds of the edition will be supplied for the expansion of the school / the specifically for the Frankfurter Next Tower curated exhibition >OffYourColorChart< there are from 10th to 27th September 2015 more than 30 recent works by the artist to see / a particular focus is the presentation of >Adanzé< Edition / energy, dynamics, rhythm, color, light and perception are the basic building blocks of 1978 in Berlin born artist / he loves clear gradients, crisscrossed by eruptive gestural color explosions in several layers of paint / >Pigment alchemy<, sometimes monochrome or in complementary contrast tilted sprayed, scraped free / playful curious himself Awe makes the painting process to situations and risks / to explore what art is and what it can, has always been employed the painter / painting as the starting point of being //


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