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author: Wilhelm Wagenfeld, (1900 Bremen - 1990 Stuttgart) / title: Jenaer Glas / object: sugar bowl and creamer set / material: sugar bowl and creamer set hand-blown from Borosilicate Jenaer glass / dishwasher safe / heat resistant up to 450 °C / 0,2 cl (6,8 oz) / 9,8 x 9,8 x 7,7 cm / 93g //

text: the brand Jena glass stands since 1918 for refractory use glass / the specialty of Jena, the borosilicate glass is temperature-resistant, insensitive to sudden changes in temperature, both pressed and blown / due to the material properties of the products of Jena glass it’s offering a wide scope of applications / 1931 for the company Schott & Genossen designed, this tableware is traditionally made hand-blown in the Jena glass works / the used, special borosilicate glass was developed in Jena in 1891 / it is temperature resistant, invulnerable to chemicals and extremely robust against mechanical influences / even today this tableware is for design connoisseurs a coveted Collectible / of course, all parts are dishwasher safe //


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