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author: Mart Stam / title: S34, 1925 / object: cantilever armchair / material: chrome-plated tubular steel frame / buffalo leather / wooden armrests / 84 x 57 x 64 cm //

text: The Dutch architect and designer Mart Stam invented the chari without bag legs 1925, while he lived in Berlin (between 1922 and 1934) / Together with Mies van der Rohe he was working for the Weissenhofsiedlung in Stuttgart at this time and van der Rohe reported Stam's ideas and concepts to his colleagues at the Bauhaus in Weimar / In the late 1920s, Breuer and Stam went before the German courts, everyone believed to be the inventor of the basic principle of the cantilever chair / Stam won, and from that moment some parts specific Breuer are wrongly attributed to Stam / in any case the S34 remains an icon of furniture design of the 20th century / Thonet now created a very special, fresh interpration of this icon, combining the rough nature of buffalo leather and wood with the cool elegance of the tubular steel frame //


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