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  • BREUER D4 / Outdoor-Sessel
  • BREUER D4 / Outdoor-Sessel

author: Marcel Breuer, *1902 Pécs - †1981 New York / title: D4E - Bauhaus Folding chair, 1927 / material: stainless steel tubular frame / outdoor fabric by Jab, Germany / color bright red (011) / 78 x 61 x 71cm //

text: the foldable version of Marcel Breuers famous "Wassily" is published in 1927 already in his first catalogue of tubular furniture / recommended for ships, stadiums, terraces and summer houses / In fact is Marcel Breuers chair an impressive symbol of the belief in progress of the 1920s // a symbol for industrial production, lightness and mobility / this famous piece is now available in a version made of stainless steel / with heavy-duty and uv-resistent outdoor fabrics by Jab, Germany in many bright colors //


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