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author: Ludwig Mies van der Rohe / Thonet / titel: S 533 N Thonet All Seasons / object: Chair / material: Frame chrome plated tubular steel. Seat and backrest with wicker / 77x50x82cm / 6600 g //

text: The targeted restriction in the use of materials, elegance in the lines and transparency in the effect are the characteristic properties of the S 533. It owes its special comfort to constant elastic flexing. This effect results from the fact that Mies van der Rohe conceived the front part of the tubular steel frame as a big bow made of spring-hard tubular steel. While most of the designs from the 1920s were rather simple and functional, this chair clearly communicates the signature of the architect: his design combines functionality and comfort with timeless aesthetics. The chair was first presented in the Weissenhof-Siedlung in 1927.


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