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  • PULCINA / Espressokocher
  • PULCINA / Espressokocher
  • PULCINA / Espressokocher

author: Michele De Lucchi / Alessi / titel: Pulcina / object: Espresso cooker / material: Cast aluminum (not suitable for induction cookers!) / 20x9,2x9,2cm / 851 g //

text: a sculptural masterpiece presents the traditional Italian company Alessi with his espresso maker Pulcina / Pulcina was designed by the master architect Michele De Lucchi and is the result of a long search for the optimum shape for a coffee maker / the specially shaped inner body of Espresso digester Pulcina interrupts the flow of coffee at exactly the right moment, so that a bitter taste can be avoided / without spilling succeed pouring into the cup, is thanks to the beak-shaped spout, the namesake for the stylish espresso maker / The Alessi espresso maker Pulcina not only looks modern, but also convenient to use and the perfect companion in any kitchen //


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