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author: Patrick Rößler / titel: Herbert Beyer - Die Berliner Jahre / publisher: Vergangenheitsverlag / 1st edition 2013 / Hardcover / dust jacket / 298 pages / 29,7x21x2,7 cm // Isbn: 9783864081590 //

text: Herbert Beyer was one of the obstetricians of modern graphic design, Bauhaus master, freelance artist and bon vivant / From 1921 to 1928 student and young master at the Bauhaus, he coined his commercial art visual culture of the interwar period / As artistic director of the studio Dorland in Berlin created he distinctive posters, brochures and magazines, the icons of modern design until today / the Vita of Bayers years adds a work overview with some 500 advertising graphic designs, the first time to collect all known works from the important archives and relevant private collections //


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