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author: Marcel Breuer, *1902 Pécs - †1981 New York / title: F41-E / Breuer-Couch on wheels, 1928 // material: stainless steel frame, nickel-plated wheels / fabric red / 186 x 61 x 63cm //

text: like the bicycle / Breuer’s furniture pie­ces use standardized materials and joints, are easy to move and allow views through the piece / both product families also share an emphasis on linearity / in a design he sketched in 1922, Breuer undertook the experiment of combining the bicycle with seating furniture to pro­duce a couch on wheels / this project, however, remained on paper for a long time / since 1984 Tecta has manufactured this couch, an outdoor vehicle that allows the user to lie back on a wicker surface in the open air, and the leisurely follow the light that is reflected in the metal frame / this is an object of furniture that abolishes the polarity of relaxation and movement //


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