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author: Getränke Gülzow, Dessau / title: Bauhaus Digestif / object: digestif / material: herbal liqueur 38% vol. / 500 ml / 15 x 5 x 5cm / 266g //

text: straightforward, transparent and on the essentials reduced - this is pure Bauhaus / manufactured using a traditional recipe and refined with herbs and fruits from the homelands famous Bauhaus masters, the Bauhaus digestif includes the essence of modernity / the blessed thistle László Moholy-Nagy (Hungary), the Alpine gentian of Hannes Meyer(Switzerland), the Siberian Angelica of Wassily Kandinsky (Russian Federation), the bitter oranges of Lyonel Feininger (USA), the mulleins of Walter Gropius (Germany) – over 20 only natural ingredients are processed by masters of their craft with the highest care / this digestif internalizes the international spirit of Bauhaus and combines classic values with modern drinking culture //


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