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  • OROZCO / Edition No. 60
  • OROZCO / Edition No. 60
  • OROZCO / Edition No. 60
  • OROZCO / Edition No. 60
  • OROZCO / Edition No. 60

Artist: Gabriel Orozco / "Boulder Whale" (Findling-Wal), 2012

Gabriel Orozco's Asterisms is a multi-component installation comprising thousands of items of detritus he gathered at two sites--a playing field near his home in New York City and a protected coastal biosphere in Baja California Sur, Mexico--accompanied by myriad gridded photographs showing the individual objects.

In Sandstars, the part of the installation in which he lays out his finds from Mexico as a carpet of objects, Orozco responds to the unique landscape of Isla Arena: On the one hand, the protected area serves whales as a pairing zone and cemetery, on the other, it is also an industrial wasteland due to the garbage of civilization washed ashore. A few years ago, Orozco had already excavated the skeleton of a whale from the sand there. It is today on view as part of the sculpture Mobile Matrix (2006) in the Biblioteca de México José Vasconcelos in Mexico City.

In his photography, the artist explores the quiet beauty of chance encounters with nature as he travels around the world. For the special edition for his Deutsche Guggenheim commission, Orozco pairs two such photographic observations from Mexico and India.

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