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author: rosa mosa, Austria / title: Maria Shoes / object: slippers / material: 100% wool / hand made in Austria / 29,5 x 13,0 x 9,5 cm / 283g //

text: rosa mosa presents traditional Austrian slippers, a style that in former times were known very well throughout Austrians daily lives to protect from the cold / but the number of artisans with the skills to make these special shoes has reduced radically / rosa mosa encountered a woman living deep in the Austrian mountains keeping the tradition alive / a woman called Maria promised to use her skills to make a limited collection / for one pair of Maria shoes a huge 14 meters of wool needs to be spun / the intricate process starts by making long and strong braids and carefully adding the wool little by little / these braids are coiled around and sewn several times until at the end the soles can be attached and a pair of Maria shoes are finally finished / Each pair is unique and is handcrafted after the order! //


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