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author: László Moholy-Nagy / title: Vision in Motion / object: book, 376 pages / Language: German / numerous b/w and color illustrations, thread-sewn hard cover / Publisher: Spector Books, Leipzig / 23 x 29 cm //

text: “Vision in Motion”, László Moholy-Nagy’s last book, was published posthumously in 1947, one year after his death in Chicago / It consists of an extension of the legendary publication “The New Vision” which appeared in 1938 and that relates to the educational methods of the Dessau Bauhaus / “Vision in Motion” was produced at the Institute for Design in Chicago and offers insights into the institution’s work, led by Moholy-Nagy / In his book he employs an interdisciplinary approach, elucidating the interrelation between art and technology in exemplary images and his own texts / Today, “Vision in Motion” reads like a school of vision for the entire first half of the 20th century, influencing film, photography, painting, literature, but also the sciences / After 65 years, László Moholy-Nagy’s seminal work is published in German for the first time //


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