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author: Paul Jackson / titel: Von der Fläche zur Form - Falttechniken im Papierdesign / publisher: Haupt Pbs. / Bern, CH: 2011 / hardcover / German / 224 pp. / 575 b/w-drawings / with CD-ROM / 22x22x2,5cm / 910 g // Isbn: 978-3-258-60019-2 //

text: many designers use folding techniques in the design of three-dimensional shapes of fabric, cardboard, plastic, metal or other materials / wrinkles can be found in fields as diverse as architecture, ceramics, fashion, interior design, jewelry making and also in the product or textile design / this unique, practical manual provides the basic knowledge on the subject of paper folding: linear concertina folds over twisted folds to wrinkled surfaces / more than 70 techniques with clear step-by-step instructions are presented, supplemented with folding diagrams and many photos //


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