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author: Paul Jackson / titel: Vom Faltobjekt zum Werbeträger - Schneide- und Falttechniken im Papierdesign / publisher: Haupt Pbs. / Bern, CH: 2013, 1st. edt. / hardcover / German / 128 pp. / 175 ills. / 22x22x2cm / 600 g // Isbn: 978-3-258-60070-3 //

text: to stand out with their own advertising message from the visual overloaded information, is difficult nowadays / Paul Jackson presents 40 elegant and above all remarkable paper constructions with which one is better perceived and to be remembered by customers / the projects for reworking ranging from classics such as the FlexiCube on envelopes, CD covers, puzzles, brain-teasers to pop-up books / all these little pieces masterpieces of paper art were selected by the criterion to arouse amazement and to entertain / almost all folding objects in this book are interactive: you can open, close, fold, put on inside out, change in shape or they must be assembled / their various dynamic options however are difficult to represent on a printed book page - to rejoice the experience properly, you have to do it yourself //


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