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  • WE ARE ONE AND ABLE / Gelber Sack

author: be able / titel: we are one and able / object: cotton rucksack / material: 101 % organic cotton / hand printed //

Text: the Berlin inclusion association be able e.V., launched together with the refugees group CREATION! NOT FRUSTRATION! the project WE ARE ONE AND ABLE / in a series of workshops three in Berlin living refugees developed a series of motifs for a collection of t-shirts and bags / the design products are supported by the Berlin-based company MUSEUMGOODS and are sold in selected museums shops and also online / objective of the project: the inclusion of refugees in our society, strengthening and appreciation of their potential and capabilities, combining expressive individual, culturally shaped design language, craftsmanship and European understanding of design and the development of its own production facility in support of the refugees - be able //

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