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  • DELAUNAY / Edition No. 61
  • DELAUNAY / Edition No. 61
  • DELAUNAY / Edition No. 61
  • DELAUNAY / Edition No. 61

A Suitcase for Berlin, 2012 // Created based on textile designs by Sonia Delaunay.

Art and life, ?vre and object - to connect these two sections was the special feature of the edition Deutsche Guggenheim. No other German institution has developed a consistent number of editions like the Deutsche Guggenheim with many international outstanding artists. Many artists like Jeff Koons, Neo Rauch , Rachel Whiteread, William Kentridge, Lawrence Weiner or Gerhard Richter ? to name a small accidentally chosen selection ? have created extraordinary objects for the Deutsche Guggenheim.

The last edition of the Deutsche Guggenheim closes the circle: As edition No. 1 was dedicated to Robert Delaunay, edition No. 61 honors his partner Sonia Delaunay.
Sonia Delaunay represents the modern idea of the unity of art and life like no other. As an artist she and her husband Robert Delaunay developed the art of simultaneous contrasts. She mainly transferred its principles on textile design and fashion. But also limousines were covered with colored squares by her.

Finally, in the Twenties, Sonia Delaunay designed a multitude number of cloth decors. She sold some to a French textile manufactory, which pattern books in the end were bought by the gallerist Françoise Knabe.

For the ?Suitcase for Berlin? we were allowed to use two of these patterns.
The suitcase itself was made in handiwork in Germany. It follows the idea of a classical travel suitcase, which could have also been used in the Twenties, but is also authorized as hand luggage everywhere today.

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