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author: Ai Weiwei / title: the forbidden blog / publisher: Galiani, Berlin, 2011 / softcover, 478 pages / ISBN-13: 978-3869710495// text: Watching while the revolution grows / Ai Weiwei forbidden blog for the first time in German: one of the most exciting texts about modern China - and the poignant document of growing anger and growing resistance / Not since his arrest, Ai Weiwei became an icon of the struggle for freedom, human dignity and the individual's right to personal self-development / For almost four years he documented on the Internet, what he experienced in his home and what he thought about it - a godsend alone this, we do not read the analysis of a Western experts, but the report of a Chinese man who loves his country but observes many developments with increasing skepticism / After a major earthquake, in which 20,000 people died because public buildings collapse like a house of cards due to the fact that they were built of inferior materials, he begins - public and with the camera in hand - to ask for the responsible persons / And he call the population to organize / Twice he is beaten up while his investigation / His blog is gaining rage - 2009 below the authorities, the page is locked, all entries are deleted / An American publisher worked with Ai Weiwei on a book edition, now for the first time on German //


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