6. RIGHT OF CANCELLATION You can cancel your contract in written form (e.g., letter, fax, e-mail) within 14 days without giving a reason or – if you receive the article before the time limit – by sending it back. The period of time starts after receiving these instructions in written form, but not before the article has been delivered to the recipient (or, in case of recurring shipments of the same article, not before the first partial shipment) and also not before fulfilling our obligation to inform according to Article 246 § 2 in conjunction with § 1 Par. 1 and 2 EGBGB, as well as our duties according to § 312g Par. 1 Line 1 BGB in conjunction with Article 246 § 3 EGBGB. To meet the cancellation time limit, it suffices to send the cancellation or the article in due time. Cancellation must be sent to: muse-store e.K. Jörg Klambt Stubenrauchstr. 46 12161 Berlin order@muse-store.de CONSEQUENCES OF CANCELLATION In case of an effective cancellation, the performances received by both sides must be returned and, if applicable, gained benefits (e.g., interest) reimbursed. If you cannot return the received performance or benefits (e.g., advantage of use) or only partially or in an impaired condition, you must give us compensation for lost value. You must only give compensation for lost value in case of an impairment of the article or gained benefits, to the extent that the uses or the impairment results from handling the article in a way going beyond checking its features and function. ”Checking the features and function” is understood as testing and trying out the respective article as it is possible and customary in a store. Articles eligible for shipping are to be returned at our risk. You must bear the regular costs of the return shipment, if the delivered article complies with the ordered one and if the price of the article to be returned is no higher than 40 euros or if, in case the price is higher, you have not yet rendered a service in return or made a contractually agreed partial payment. In other cases the return shipment is free of charge for you. Your time limit begins upon sending us your declaration of cancellation or the article, ours begins with the receipt of the cancellation or the article. 7. COSTS WHEN MAKING USE OF THE CANCELLATION We make use of the possibility to pass on the costs for the return shipment to you within the frame of the legal right of cancellation in the instructions above as follows: You have to bear the regular costs of the return shipment if the delivered article complies with the ordered one and if the price of the article to be returned is no higher than 40 euros or, if the price of the article is higher, no service in return or a contractually agreed partial payment has been made at the time of cancellation.